The Store at Kenlake Marina

Kenlake Marina Store

A big welcome awaits you as you enter the store and restaurant. Our store and fuel dock is OPEN from 6:00am -to- 6:00pm (Sunday through Wednesday), 6:00am -to- 9:00pm (Thursday through Saturday) and 6:00am -to- 9:00pm (as well as Holidays).

The Store at Kenlake Marina carries many items needed by boaters for enjoyment on the water. There is a wide range of branded shirts and jackets, all kinds of snacks for afternoons on the water and gifts to take home or send to friends. We stock many small parts such as spark plugs, stainless nuts and bolts, wire, rope, etc.

We also have a selection of life jackets in various sizes (don't go out without a life jacket for each person aboard). For the fisherman there is a wide selection of custom made and commercial lures that will catch the big ones on Kentucky Lake.

Kenlake Marina Store

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